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Each Day is an Opportunity to Live in Celebration

Who Said Every Day Can’t Be Amazing? The Power of Celebration Celebrations aren’t just for those monumental moments like weddings, graduations, and birthdays. Here’s why: In the hustle of everyday life as a parent, taking time to celebrate the little

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Simple and Easy Positive Morning Routine Checklist

5 Meaningful Steps to Creating Calm Mornings as a Parent Boost Your Mornings, Transform Your Life Amy groaned as she fumbled for the snooze button. “Eight more minutes, please, please,” she begged. But she could hear her youngest yelling, “Mooooooooooom!!”

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Hi, I'm Lauren.

I am the creator of the Happy Life System. I’m delighted to welcome you to our blog! As a passionate entrepreneur and dedicated mother, I’ve spent over a decade refining the tools and strategies that foster a joyful and successful family life. Here, I’ll share insights and tips from my journey, hoping to inspire and empower you. Thank you for joining me, and let’s embrace this adventure together!

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