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Each Day is an Opportunity to Live in Celebration

Who Said Every Day Can’t Be Amazing?

The Power of Celebration

Celebrations aren’t just for those monumental moments like weddings, graduations, and birthdays. Here’s why:

In the hustle of everyday life as a parent, taking time to celebrate the little things can transform the mundane into magic.

Celebrating lights up your brain with feel-good chemicals, boosting your motivation. As a parent, this isn’t just nice to have; it’s essential. It helps you stay patient, energized, and more connected with your kids—meaning you get to find joy in every moment rather than being drained or irritated by the end of the day.

So whether it’s giving high fives for a delicious meal, having a spontaneous dance-off for doing the dishes, or randomly giving your kids a shout-out for being awesome after they sweep the floor, these celebrations turn day-to-day routines into a life of happiness and growth.

Happiness Hack: The Joy of ‘Just Because’ Celebrations

Ever wonder why it feels so good to give yourself a pat on the back? Well, it turns out that’s because there is a science to happiness! 

When we celebrate, our brain releases dopamine, that awesome feel-good chemical that not only makes us happier but also helps us learn and remember better.

It’s like B.F. Skinner said with his positive reinforcement theory—the more we recognize and celebrate our accomplishments, big or small, the more we reinforce our desire to keep pushing and growing and stay motivated to keep up with our positive habits. 

And here’s a little secret from the Happy Life System: happiness really does start with you. 

When you’re happy, it creates a ripple effect in your environment, and your kids are happier too. That’s why it’s so important to get everyone involved in celebrating those little victories. It shows them how to recognize their own achievements and the awesome feelings that come with them.

So next time you finish a daily goal or your child helps clear the dinner table, take a moment to celebrate the contribution that’s taking place in your world—it’s all a part of your happiness journey.

Simple Daily Celebrations That’ll Boost Your Happiness

Let’s redefine happiness: It’s the daily celebrations that affirm our growth. It’s the steady accumulation of the small, everyday moments that build a fulfilling life, teaching us and our children that every step forward is an achievement worth celebrating.

As an adult, I realized success wasn’t about having a perfect house or fancy car, because what do those things matter if you aren’t at peace on the inside? Success became about finding true harmony and seeing it as a continuous journey. So, I began to celebrate every moment, and it changed everything for me as a parent. 

Think about it—when you’re actively acknowledging the moments in your day that bring growth on your life’s journey, whether they’re big or small, you’re not just going through the motions; you’re really living and truly enjoying parenthood. 

It’s like you’re injecting your day with little bursts of joy that not only lift your spirits but also boost your whole family’s mood. 
So next time something goes right, make a big deal out of it. Trust me, it’s a game-changer. You’ll feel more connected and present, and honestly, it makes being a parent so much more fun.

Wondering how to start? Here are two ideas to get you focused on celebrating your life with your family:

  1. Celebrate Small Wins
    Whether it’s whipping up dinner together or going on a family hike on a trail you’ve always wanted to try, celebrate it! High five, have a dance party, talk about the joy you’re feeling with your family. These little victories build the most positive rhythm into your everyday life.
  2. Celebrate Each Other
    Make it a point each day to cheer for someone in the family. Maybe your child tied their shoes again today after just learning how, or your partner made an amazing cup of coffee—whatever it is, shout it out! It’s about seeing and appreciating the special in the everyday, boosting everyone’s spirits, and creating a foundation for happiness.

Take the Challenge to Celebrate More With Your Family

Start today, and I promise you’ll see positive changes start to stack up for you and your family.

Try incorporating just one or two of the celebratory habits with your family. Maybe it’s giving each other a big hug after eating breakfast together or talking about the achievements of the day. Each act of celebration is a step towards an abundant, happy life. 

Celebrating is about recognizing your own worth and the positive influence you have on those around you.

I want you to take a moment right now to give yourself a hug and celebrate the steps you’re taking to build a happier life. Happiness truly starts within. When you honor your actions and the positive changes you’re making, you’re not just living—you’re thriving. And you and your family deserve all the joy that comes with celebrating life’s everyday moments.




Fun & Easy Ways For Your Child To Start To Master Their Health

1. Unify It

Reframing the language around healthy eating creates magic!

The mind is a powerful tool. You can change your perception of anything simply by the way you think about and describe it. Your child’s mindset can shift from having to eat it to wanting to eat it when you begin to describe healthy eating as an opportunity instead of framing it as a chore!

Instead of saying “You need to eat this carrot because it is good for you,” try this:

You have the amazing opportunity to supercharge your body with all the energy it needs with this carrot. It has incredible superpowers that will help you feel energized to play all day! It has magic inside of it for you.”

2.Gamify it​

Make it a game.

Science has shown that children learn through play.

Play shouldn’t end at the swing set. Move the fun into the kitchen and start making eating a game. One of the best ways to do this is by playing chef.

Take them on a special trip to the grocery store. Have your child pick out three different colored vegetables to prepare a dish. This empowers them to take leadership of their own healthy eating and it’s fun!

3. Amplify it

Seal it with gratitude.

If a life filled with gratitude is a happy one, then a body filled with gratitude is a healthy and happy one!

Sometimes showing gratitude is even easier when we assume sentience! Let your child know that food has feelings and that it is listening. Ask them to say “thank you” to the food for fueling them with the power they need. Let them know that gratitude is the key to magical wealth flowing into your life.

Have them research, learn, and understand so they can see the value for themselves, rather than it coming from you. Giving them the opportunity to understand why this is an important key to their life.

This unlocks a new awareness, and before long, your child will enjoy eating healthy. Soon enough, you’ll be reminiscing on the difficult days while enjoying the easier ones!

Discover The 8 Pillars To Master Happy Living​

Unlock a successful life for you and your family today

Discover The 8 Pillars To Master Happy Living​

Unlock a successful life for you and your family today