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Raising Empowered Kids: Positive Choices That Shape Successful Futures

Empowering Your Child: Confidence Through Their Choices

The world is truly at our kids’ fingertips these days. There are endless options and so many different possibilities for them to choose all day long—good and bad. 

Do you find yourself worrying over whether your child will have the ability to manage it all and make positive, healthy choices when you aren’t around and they go off into the world on their own? 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Let’s talk empowerment.

At its core, empowerment is about boosting strength and confidence. 

As a parent, we have the important job of giving our children a path that empowers them to develop the strength, confidence, and resilience to navigate their life and create their own happiness and success through their choices every day. 

You may be thinking, Woah! How do you do that? 

I’ve learned that if you empower your kids early on to express their own views and make their own choices, it builds a path that really changes the game for them. It teaches them that every decision, big or small, shapes their future and gives them the courage to embrace new experiences, stick to their beliefs and values, and make choices that benefit themselves and the world around them.

Why Empowering Your Child to Make Choices Matters

Making choices is not just about letting your children pick between apple juice or orange juice (Although, that’s a start!). It’s really about setting the stage for them to trust their gut, make decisions, and own them—mistakes and all. 

Here’s why it’s a game-changer to empower your children:

  • It Boosts Confidence
    When kids make choices, they learn to trust themselves. It’s like watching them find their feet and then grow to run a marathon.
  • It Teaches Responsibility
    Every choice has a result. Good, bad, or ugly, they start to get it. You’ll begin to hear them say things like, “I did that, so this happened.” Real-life cause and effect.
  • It Builds Resilience
    Life throws us all curveballs. When kids learn to navigate choices, including the tough ones, they’re building armor for the future. They fall, they get up—each time stronger.

Think of it this way: you are your child’s life coach, and you’re setting the stage for them to grow confidently. It’s all about lighting up that spark of personal power inside them and guiding them toward those first big decisions.

And one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the understanding that every moment in life presents an opportunity for choice and unlocks endless possibilities to create success and happiness. The Happy Life System can help you show your children the power of making choices.

Here are a couple of ways the Happy Life System empowers children:

  1. Using Positive, Loving Language
    The language you use as a parent creates a direct ripple effect in your child’s life. The Happy Life System’s New Language of Heartspeak teaches you how to use more encouraging, supportive words that will guide your kids to speak their truth and trust their gut. It’s about crafting a home where everyone feels empowered to be their authentic selves.
  2. Learning Through Play
    Did you know that learning through play helps your child build confidence, self-esteem, and independence? NI Direct wrote an article all about how play supports your child’s development and life skills. So make the process of teaching your child how to be empowered fun so that they can see that decision-making can be an adventure. Help your children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills naturally.

Simple Practices You Can Begin Today to Empower Your Child

Here are two easy Happy Life System practices to support your kids in building their confidence to make their own positive choices:

1. Stepping into New Adventures with Courage

Try something new with your child today.

Step 1: Sit down with your child and say, “Let’s play an adventure game together. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try?” This could range from things like tasting a new food to making an art project to taking a dance class together. Let them step into their power and make a fun choice!

Step 2: When they choose, celebrate them. Celebration is the key to anchoring the benefits of positive choices and habits within your child’s mind.

Step 3: Take the leap and experience the new activity with your child.

Step 4: After trying the new activity, sit and talk about what you both learned. Ask, “How did it feel to try something new? What did we discover about ourselves today?”

This practice allows them to really experience the excitement and courage it takes to make their own choice, see the joy their choices can bring them, and feel supported by you at the same time.

2. Being Responsible and Setting Healthy Boundaries

Make a time limit on using technology at home. This practice is all about helping your child take care of themselves and giving them the ability to experience the benefits their choice brings them

Step 1: Sit with your child and agree together on a time limit for using screens at home.

Step 2: Use a timer. Make this practice a part of your daily routine.

Step 3: Be a role model and follow the time limit with your child. This will help them see the importance of following through with their choices.

Step 4: When the timer goes off, then it’s time to totally switch off. Celebrate with a high five for sticking to your healthy boundary and get outside to play or enjoy another screen-free activity together.

When your child is part of the decision-making, it allows them to feel more empowered and take ownership of their choices. They’ll get to experience the feeling of being in control of their experiences.

We all are growing each step of the way. The journey of empowerment starts with one confident choice at a time. Use these practices to begin to light up the way for them today.

Want to learn more about raising your child to be a happy, empowered human?

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Fun & Easy Ways For Your Child To Start To Master Their Health

1. Unify It

Reframing the language around healthy eating creates magic!

The mind is a powerful tool. You can change your perception of anything simply by the way you think about and describe it. Your child’s mindset can shift from having to eat it to wanting to eat it when you begin to describe healthy eating as an opportunity instead of framing it as a chore!

Instead of saying “You need to eat this carrot because it is good for you,” try this:

You have the amazing opportunity to supercharge your body with all the energy it needs with this carrot. It has incredible superpowers that will help you feel energized to play all day! It has magic inside of it for you.”

2.Gamify it​

Make it a game.

Science has shown that children learn through play.

Play shouldn’t end at the swing set. Move the fun into the kitchen and start making eating a game. One of the best ways to do this is by playing chef.

Take them on a special trip to the grocery store. Have your child pick out three different colored vegetables to prepare a dish. This empowers them to take leadership of their own healthy eating and it’s fun!

3. Amplify it

Seal it with gratitude.

If a life filled with gratitude is a happy one, then a body filled with gratitude is a healthy and happy one!

Sometimes showing gratitude is even easier when we assume sentience! Let your child know that food has feelings and that it is listening. Ask them to say “thank you” to the food for fueling them with the power they need. Let them know that gratitude is the key to magical wealth flowing into your life.

Have them research, learn, and understand so they can see the value for themselves, rather than it coming from you. Giving them the opportunity to understand why this is an important key to their life.

This unlocks a new awareness, and before long, your child will enjoy eating healthy. Soon enough, you’ll be reminiscing on the difficult days while enjoying the easier ones!

Discover The 8 Pillars To Master Happy Living​

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Discover The 8 Pillars To Master Happy Living​

Unlock a successful life for you and your family today