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Simple and Easy Positive Morning Routine Checklist

5 Meaningful Steps to Creating Calm Mornings as a Parent

Boost Your Mornings, Transform Your Life

Amy groaned as she fumbled for the snooze button. “Eight more minutes, please, please,” she begged.

But she could hear her youngest yelling, “Mooooooooooom!!”

Too late. She buried her face in her pillow and let out a muffled groan.

Here we go again. Another freaking day. She sighed loudly as she rolled out of bed and shuffled down the hall.

The kids ran and yelled and knocked into her. She wasn’t sure, but she thought they were playing keep-away with her new shoes.

The morning continued in a parade of, “Stop that,” “Put your clothes on,” “Brush your teeth,” “Eat your breakfast,” “Stop touching your sister,” “We’re going to be late,” “What did I say?” “I told you to put your pants on,” “No, ma’am, you cannot leave the house in your Halloween costume.”

After cleaning a spilled bowl of cereal off the counter, she snuck into the bathroom, locked the door, and leaned against the wall, shaking her head.

Sound familiar? We all know Amy. In fact, it’s incredibly likely you’ve been Amy at some point—mayhem greeting you before you’ve even had your first sip of cold coffee.

But here’s the thing, those hectic moments don’t just throw off your morning; they set a stressful tone that lingers all day long. That’s not what you signed up for, right? You’re not just managing schedules and cleaning up chaos; you’re leading a family. And it’s time to lead with intention.

Imagine starting your day with a sense of calm and control, knowing that you’re not just getting through the morning but actually enjoying it. This isn’t about sprinkling some elusive “magic” into your routine. It’s about adding a few simple steps to the start of your day that will help you and your family:

  • Feel inspired
  • Set yourselves up for success
  • Focus on gratitude in your home
  • Spark joy

And yes, this can all happen even before breakfast.

So here’s what you need to know—small changes to your morning can make a huge impact.

By introducing a morning routine checklist that focuses on your own well-being, you’re not just ticking more boxes off your to-do list; you’re intentionally setting the stage for a day filled with more harmony, connection, fulfillment, and yes, more happiness.

Chaos-Free Mornings? Yep, It’s Possible!

So, are your mornings filled with disorder and chaos more than you’d like to admit? It’s okay, you’re not alone!

Many families suffer through these types of mornings.

According to a PBS article, a chaotic home environment often includes:

  • Excessive noisiness
  • No routine or schedule
  • Disorganization
  • Lots of rushing

This tornado-like pace is likely because there aren’t systems in place where everyone knows their roles and your family works together as a team. And this leads to increased stress, feelings of disempowerment, lost motivation, and disconnected relationships.

But here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be this way!

The Ultimate Morning Routine: Five Steps to a Happy Start

If you’re feeling like our Amy—waking up and putting out fires and hiding in the bathroom for just one moment of peace, I’m here to tell you, you can change this. And it’s by embracing a morning approach where everyone in your family plays a part.

Just imagine transforming your morning routine into one that’s a team effort where each family member has some role that contributes to starting the day in a positive way. So you’re not just getting through the morning anymore. Instead, everyone in your family is showing up, taking responsibility, and doing so because it’s empowering.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Here are five simple steps from the Happy Life System that will change your family’s morning:

Step 1: Body Gratitude Scan – Do a head-to-toe body gratitude scan each morning, thanking every element of your body for this life. 

Step 2: Morning Affirmations – Say these two affirmations out loud: “I am in control of my destiny and the outcomes I create in my life.” “When I am calm, my kids follow.” 

Step 3: Digital Detox – Avoid using your phone or any digital devices for at least 30 minutes after you wake up each morning. 

Step 4: Uplifting Tunes – Choose a positive song or playlist to play every morning to uplift the energy in your home.

Step 5: Connect with Nature – Connect with nature. Go outside, look at the sky, and take five deep breaths. On days with bad weather, you can still do this; just stand at your window.

And if you’re thinking, how can I involve my family in this process? Start small and begin with yourself.

Add these steps to your own morning routine for a few days. Then, share this all with your family. Talk with them about what you’re doing to start each day and how you’re feeling by doing this. Then, do things like invite your family members to choose uplifting songs to energize your mornings together or join you for a few minutes outside to breathe in the fresh air. Encourage them to try more steps or create their own that work for them.

When everyone is feeling that lift in their mood, it will make your mornings as a family so much more enjoyable.

A Little Morning Effort For All-Day Happiness

Just remember, while mornings can often feel like a chaotic rush, they don’t have to be.

Remember, start with little changes. Add these positive habits into your daily life, and watch as they transform not just your mornings but your entire family’s dynamic.

I’m telling you, the secret to a thriving life is hidden in the consistency of positive habits. Let’s make every morning count!




Fun & Easy Ways For Your Child To Start To Master Their Health

1. Unify It

Reframing the language around healthy eating creates magic!

The mind is a powerful tool. You can change your perception of anything simply by the way you think about and describe it. Your child’s mindset can shift from having to eat it to wanting to eat it when you begin to describe healthy eating as an opportunity instead of framing it as a chore!

Instead of saying “You need to eat this carrot because it is good for you,” try this:

You have the amazing opportunity to supercharge your body with all the energy it needs with this carrot. It has incredible superpowers that will help you feel energized to play all day! It has magic inside of it for you.”

2.Gamify it​

Make it a game.

Science has shown that children learn through play.

Play shouldn’t end at the swing set. Move the fun into the kitchen and start making eating a game. One of the best ways to do this is by playing chef.

Take them on a special trip to the grocery store. Have your child pick out three different colored vegetables to prepare a dish. This empowers them to take leadership of their own healthy eating and it’s fun!

3. Amplify it

Seal it with gratitude.

If a life filled with gratitude is a happy one, then a body filled with gratitude is a healthy and happy one!

Sometimes showing gratitude is even easier when we assume sentience! Let your child know that food has feelings and that it is listening. Ask them to say “thank you” to the food for fueling them with the power they need. Let them know that gratitude is the key to magical wealth flowing into your life.

Have them research, learn, and understand so they can see the value for themselves, rather than it coming from you. Giving them the opportunity to understand why this is an important key to their life.

This unlocks a new awareness, and before long, your child will enjoy eating healthy. Soon enough, you’ll be reminiscing on the difficult days while enjoying the easier ones!

Discover The 8 Pillars To Master Happy Living​

Unlock a successful life for you and your family today

Discover The 8 Pillars To Master Happy Living​

Unlock a successful life for you and your family today