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Time Management Skills for Kids and How to Help

Motivate Your Child to Become the Manager & Leader of Their Own Life

Does your home constantly feel chaotic and overwhelming?

As parents, we often try to take on the impossible task of managing all of our things, as well as everyone else’s, at the same time. 

I was there with you. But trust me, that will drive you crazy, and the chaos will only continue! 

So, I want to talk to you about an absolute game-changer for you and your family: mastering responsibility by teaching self-management and time management with your child. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Time management? For kids? Ha!” 

Yes! It’s possible. I’ve experienced it, and I want to let you in on the secret.

Picture this: your children not only tackling things like getting their homework done on time but also owning their daily routinesthey know their schedule, they prepare for their day, etc. 

When kids begin to take ownership and the leadership role of managing their time, they tap into this incredible feeling of empowerment. And just like that, it’s not all on you to juggle school, fun, and obligations—your kids step in, and wow, does it flip the script.

And if you’re a parent of a teenager, time management is incredibly important. Managing time is crucial for self-management, helping them juggle school, hobbies, and friends. It also will support them with:

  1. Increased confidence
  2. Stronger focus 
  3. Less stress and anxious feelings 
  4. Better decision-making skills 
  5. Taking on more responsibilities

So here’s the kicker: starting these habits from an early age is key, yet if you’re in the teen zone now, it’s not too late to start. Either way, they’ve got this!

The Role of Responsibility in Time Management

One of the pillars of the Happy Life System is Responsibility, and it’s all about becoming the master of self, teaching kids the skills, habits, and responsibilities they need to take charge of their lives. Time management? That’s a big part of mastering self. It’s how they step into their power and navigate their world with confidence.

Our job as a parent? To be their guide and provide a foundation for our children to focus on their time and how to use it. Then, they’ll be ready to tackle any challenge and make space for what matters to them the most.

Owning their time sets children up for a lifetime of confidence, responsibility, and self-love. It’s about helping your kids recognize their own power and loving themselves enough to use it wisely. 

This, my friend, is part of the magic of the Happy Life System.

Ready to start today? Here are 3 simple Happy Life System tips to turn days of chaos into calm:

  • Choosing Your Focus
    Start by sitting down with your child to talk about their schedule. Ask them questions like, “What’s your priority this week? What do you want to do right after school? What activities do you have coming up?” Make a plan together that prioritizes what’s important to them and what needs to happen in the days ahead.
  • Create a Visual Schedule
    Have your child gather some materials that work for them—crayons, construction paper, pen and paper—and let them have fun creating their own schedule. As they check off boxes when they finish something, they’ll power up feelings of accomplishment and empowerment by managing their own life.
  • Celebrate the Wins
    Celebration is a foundation in the Happy Life System. So you’ll hear me talk about this a lot. Big or small, achievements deserve some recognition. Keep the motivation high, and be sure to celebrate with your child as they take ownership of their time. Life should be celebrated! That’s what the Happy Life System is all about.

Parenting is an evolving journey we take as we learn and grow with our children. And if you give them the skills to manage their own lives, you’ll see them take off—soaring to new heights. Plus, you’ll get back some of the time you’ve been craving for yourself. It’s all about empowering them to be the bosses of their own adventures.

If you’re ready to learn more, dive deeper into these concepts in my self-paced Crack the Parenting Code online course. You can also discover the 8 Secrets to Being a Happy Parent in my free ebook.


Fun & Easy Ways For Your Child To Start To Master Their Health

1. Unify It

Reframing the language around healthy eating creates magic!

The mind is a powerful tool. You can change your perception of anything simply by the way you think about and describe it. Your child’s mindset can shift from having to eat it to wanting to eat it when you begin to describe healthy eating as an opportunity instead of framing it as a chore!

Instead of saying “You need to eat this carrot because it is good for you,” try this:

You have the amazing opportunity to supercharge your body with all the energy it needs with this carrot. It has incredible superpowers that will help you feel energized to play all day! It has magic inside of it for you.”

2.Gamify it​

Make it a game.

Science has shown that children learn through play.

Play shouldn’t end at the swing set. Move the fun into the kitchen and start making eating a game. One of the best ways to do this is by playing chef.

Take them on a special trip to the grocery store. Have your child pick out three different colored vegetables to prepare a dish. This empowers them to take leadership of their own healthy eating and it’s fun!

3. Amplify it

Seal it with gratitude.

If a life filled with gratitude is a happy one, then a body filled with gratitude is a healthy and happy one!

Sometimes showing gratitude is even easier when we assume sentience! Let your child know that food has feelings and that it is listening. Ask them to say “thank you” to the food for fueling them with the power they need. Let them know that gratitude is the key to magical wealth flowing into your life.

Have them research, learn, and understand so they can see the value for themselves, rather than it coming from you. Giving them the opportunity to understand why this is an important key to their life.

This unlocks a new awareness, and before long, your child will enjoy eating healthy. Soon enough, you’ll be reminiscing on the difficult days while enjoying the easier ones!

Discover The 8 Pillars To Master Happy Living​

Unlock a successful life for you and your family today

Discover The 8 Pillars To Master Happy Living​

Unlock a successful life for you and your family today